Saturday, 26 May 2018

Smallwood Vintage Rally

I saddled up the little bike and headed into deepest Cheshire today to the Smallwood rally. Despite some ominous looking cloud build-ups, it stayed dry and even sunny for most of the day.
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 The little 125cc Innova (nearer to camera) tucked right by the entrance to the rally field.
Nice route to the event via Great Warford, Chelford, Jodrell Bank, Lower Withington, Trap Street, Somerford Booths, Newbold Astbury, and Brownlow Heath.

 A steel band does 'blondie' . Video here: 

A bit 'bangy and crashy' for me. I think I prefer the traditional fairground steam organ.

 A very nice miniature and trailer.

....And another 

A gaggle of miniatures


 There were far more vintage commercial vehicles than steam engines at this rally, and the commentator was an expert. He knew every vehicle type and could tell what engine it had in it by the sound. He also knew the owners and former and current operators of many of them

He is a vintage commercial enthusiast himslef and has restored and is restoring many such vehicles. Not really a 'steam man', though. 

Nonetheless I found his commentary fascinating as he really knows his subject inside out.

 Matt Jodrell's roller 'Britannia' was the first to enter the arena. I know Matt from the Churnet Valley Railway where we both volunteer.

 The steam commentary was a bit lacking in detail and bit disparaging of steam, both on the railway and on the roads and land.

Our commentator's heart has diesel fuel pumping through it, I think!

An early steam lorry, used for hauling trailer loads 

We saw this, and Matt's engine, and several others that were there today at the Ashley Hall Steam Rally a couple of weeks ago, and at Astley Green last week.

But you can never see too many steam engines, or see any steam engine too many times!


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