Runway Visitor Park; our Concorde and others...

A view of the opening ceremony of the Concorde Visitor Centre in February 2009

I have been a guide on Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester Airport since the tours started in 2004. I conduct in-depth Technical Tours as well as the shorter 'Classic' tours. Also, tours on our Trident 3b, DC10 front section, the Avro RJX (the very last airliner to built in UK), and now 'The Mighty Hunter' - our Nimrod MR2!

The Concorde hangar from Nimrod

We run corporate events, private events, and weddings, and I act as guide on these as well. I also work with senior students from schools and colleges who visit us, giving presentations on such subjects as 'the Airport as a Business, IT, Handling Airport Passengers, Airports & the Environment, and many other subjects. Recently, we have acquired an RAF Nimrod MR2 aircraft and we now have an extensive tour program for this exciting aircraft.

 Me in the P1 seat of the Nimrod

The Nimrod and our Trident 3b dominate the car park

This is a our RJX in the snow, winter 2009 / 10