Saturday, 12 May 2018

Ashley Hall Traction Engine Rally, 12th May 2018

I went on the little bike (Honda Innova 125) which is ideal for a day out like this.

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 The advantage of going on my little bike (125 Honda) is you can park it among the action - just behind the ring-side stalls instead of miles away in the car park

 General view of the engine park just after the show opened.

 Blond on a tractor....

 ...And another! "Three wheels on my wagon...."

 Tractor line-up

 Pop-pop-pop-pop.... It's a single cylinder Field Marshall popping and bobbing its way around the rally arena.

 Vanguard of Lymm, with a rather fine trailer.

 Half-size engine with a father and son crew

 Matthew Jodderz Jodrell proud owner and driver of this rather nice roller 'Britannia'.
I know Matt from the Churnet Valley Railway (1992) PLC where he is steam locomotive crew.

 Matthew Jodderz Jodrell leans out to see what the hold up is getting into the arena.

 Fowler showman's engine

 Another showmans engine in more traditional colours

 'Britannia' in the engine line-up

Engine line up with miniatures in front 

 'Britannia' leaves the arena.

 Matt on he regulator and reverser of 'Britannia

Bike line up 

 A noisy and smoky but very nice Yamaha 125 2 stroke racer.

 The chap on the BSA is well into his '80s!. Must keep you young, this motorcycling lark....

This lady has a whole collection of these rare beasts, apparently


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