Saturday, 12 August 2017

Chelford Traction Engine Rally again...

The weather was kind... a couple of minor showers in the morning, clearing to sunshine later. This unmissable annual event was well up to standard today (and it's on tomorrow if you missed today!).

We went on the little bikes (Malc on his T80, Ivan on his SS50, me on my Innova), so no traffic problems in or out, and we got to park right up by the action, not way back in the car park.
These excellent pictures are by Barry Knapper. He might be complaining about £6 for a burger, but I went for a hog roast bap at £5.50. I don't like stuffing (well, not that sort!) so asked for it without. So they filled the bap generously with nothing but pork - excellent value!

Met a lot of old steam friends, and saw a lot of familiar engines and some I've not seen before (especially some of the miniatures).

There were a couple of light rain showers but nothing to spoil the fun, and later in the day it was just glorious!
Astle Park at its best!

Pictures by Barry Knapper. Click on any one for a larger image.


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