Saturday, 5 August 2017

1930s style posters to promote the lovely Mid Cheshire line unveiled today

Today, Friday 4th August, I was invited to a private unveiling at Northwich's Lion Salt Works of a series of fabulous posters publicising the scenic Manchester to Chester Mid Cheshire Railway Line, for which I am a volunteer.
Artist Nicky Thompson was commissioned to produce a series of posters in '1930s' style to publicise this scenic railway line, and today at the former Salt Works David Briggs, Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire, with special guest Pete Waterman, officially launched the posters which will appear at stations along the line.
Here is the collection, in order of principle stations along the line from Manchester to Chester.

I think they are superb.

As for the Salt Works itself, I remember when we visited it back in the late 1970s or early 80s when it was still working, producing salt. It was like Dante's inferno! Heat, steam, guys stripped to the waist shoving salt in the open coal-fired brine pans.

What a contrast today... A lovely museum, but a bit 'picture perfect' compared to the brutal reality of the tatty but working actuality.


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