Sunday, 15 May 2016

Model Railways at the Churnet Valley

Today was 'model railway' day at the Churnet Valley Railway, with models or train sets at all three stations. It was a nice day so I went along for a look.

I drove to Cheddleton and boarded the first train of the day, the 11:17 to Froghall. On the platform at Froghall I met Maggie and Allan who I hadn't seen since we first met on holiday in North Wales Click here to see that blog entry: North Wales Holiday

We travelled up to Leekbrook Junction and back down to Consall (in first class - volunteer privileges!) where I left the train here so I could say 'hello' to the Consall crew, and have my packed lunch in this lovely spot where I usually man the signal box (which was not needed today, with only one train running).

In the waiting room at Consall was this N Gauge layout. It was left to the railway by the late Diana Clementson who was loco crew on the CVR (click on this link to see the relevant blog entry Diana Clementson )

Guy and Les at Consall, with, further up the platform, CVR guard Doug and his wife. Guy helps with the garden and general tasks around the station, while Les is the deputy station master.

The train returns from Froghall 

Les (and his refection) close the last open door, while stationmaster Howard, standing behind the Consall tea trolley, gets ready to dispatch the train  

It's Sunday lunchtime, it's a sunny day; the Black Lion at Consall is busy 

The train ran up to Leekbrook, reversed, and returned to a station stop at Cheddleton where I left it. Motive power for the day was the Polski Tank, 'Hotspur', which has served the railway well even if it not typical of a 1950s backwater railway line.

I loved this! But purely for nostalgic reasons. Hornby Dublo 3-rail, just like I had as a kid, and indeed my layout is still up in the loft, though it was a shadow of this comprehensive system. This layout was one of four displayed at Cheddleton station.

Today had been a choice between running Alfred at Urmston, or visiting the Churnet Valley Railway. I can run Alfred any Sunday, but Model Railway Day at the CVR is an annual event so I decided to go there. An unexpected bonus was meeting Allan and Maggie again, but even had they not been there it's always good to meet fellow volunteers at this friendly railway.

Come and see us!


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