Sunday, 22 May 2016

70th anniversary of the first flight of the dHC1 Chipmunk

Today at Old Warden airfield in Bedfordshire, the 70th anniversary of the Chippy's first flight was celebrated; 70 years to the day.

I flew dHC1 G-BCSL from 1979 until a few years ago - over 30 years of the most wonderful aerial fun imaginable, and SL was among the Chipmunks attending the celebration today.

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Here she is.... My mount of aerial delight for well over 30 years. dHC1 Chipmunk G-BCSL at Old Warden today.

SL's cockpit pictured at the event. I've spent literally many hundreds of hours in there!

Formation fly-by 

Nearly 50 Chipmunks flew in to the event

Sierra Lima leaves Old Warden for home (Liverpool John Lennon) today

  Click on this link for a.... Video of the formation fly-by

The Chipmunk is a much loved aeroplane. Few civilian pilots have had the pleasure of flying it, while for most older RAF pilots it was their first type. Everyone who has flown it is smitten; no other aeroplane handles quite as nicely as the Chippy (not even the legendary Spitfire, those who have flown both tell me). And few have its wonderful character.

I count myself privileged to have flown SL for more than three decades.

de Havilland de-light! Me enjoying Sierra Lima at Kenyon Hall Farm strip, 26th June 2010


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