Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bye bye Griso

Since the arrival of the Kawasaki W800 the lovely Griso wasn't seeing much use. She's too pretty to fit a top box on and spoil those lovely Italian lines, but that makes her a bit impractical and as a consequence she rarely ventured out of the garage.
With the arrival of Alfred (3.5" gauge Quarry Hunslet steam locomotive) space in the garage was at a premium so sensibly, one of the three bikes had to go. The Innova is in constant use for local trips (and sometimes much further afield) so that has to stay. The W800 is the practical 'going places' bike with the top box and only a few months old so that was a keeper. That left the Griso holding the short straw.
It's a cracking bike and I'll miss it. But sadly its the right decision to sell it. If I really do find I regret it, I can always get another!
Below, the courier prepares the bike this morning for transport to its new home in Saffron Walden.

Peter, the bike courier, takes pictures and gets the bike ready for loading. The bike's paddock stand is in the foreground. 

I had to close my eyes as Peter rode the bike round his van and up the ramp, which was steeper than it looks in this picture. Thankfully he'd obviously done it before and all was well.


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