Saturday, 20 April 2013

The little bikes go racing

Well OK, not really. Ivan and I whizzed down to Oulton Park today to watch a friend of Ivan's compete in a Ducati Sport race as part of the Hottrax Motorsport Club Championships. It was a lovely day, and while motorcycle racing isn't a great interest of mine, it made for a good day out.

The ride to Oulton Park from home took us through some lovely Cheshire countryside. Real 'Heart of Cheshire' scenery, through Allostock, Peover, Lach Dennis, Davenham, Oakmere, Whitegate, and Little Budworth.

Click on a picture for a bigger image.Twice, for an even larger one!

Ivan's SS50 and my C90 at the famous Cheshire circuit

The start line. One advantage of going to Oulton for a small racing event is that there are no queues, no crowds, and you can just walk through the garages and across the pit lane to watch the start of a race.

Knicker Brook; from here the bikes could be seen going through the corner, and then again along the top straight

Ivan's mate, Alan Ball, in the Ducati race

Alan's bike by the pits

Ivan chats to Alan and his daughter; our bikes in the foreground

We watched a couple more races, met some interesting and friendly competitors, then set off for home stopping for a cup of tea at Ivan's boss's house in Whitegate. The tea was good, but the visit was turning into a work progress meeting between the two of them, so I gave him a prod that time was passing, and we hit the road for home!


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