Saturday, 27 April 2013

Checked out on the Churnet!

After several sessions of training in Consall signal box since late last summer following checking out as crossing keeper, on this my second session in the 'box this year Nick, our signals inspector, was available to check me out to run the 'box. Nick is a professional signaller examiner on Network Rail, so he knows his job!

He observed my handling of the 'box for most of the day, and examined me on points of signalling rules and 'what if' situations. He must have been happy as he gave me this!

So now I'm a qualified signaller on the Churnet Valley Railway. An ambition achieved! What I need to do now is get a few 'turns' in charge of the 'box under my belt as rostered signalman. I suspect this is a job which you really start to learn as you do it for real... on your own!


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