Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Photos on this blog - and imlplications for 'The Cloud'.

Google have decided to change what happens when you click on a photo on a blog. Previously, it opened to larger size, and a second click would open it to full size and I have advised readers to do that. Now, one click results in a slightly larger sized picture and a 'slide show' format. There is no 'full size' facility. Definitely a retrograde step.

There is a move by the likes of Google to get us to store our data on their hosted sites, rather than locally on our own PCs. Eventually, everything, data and applications, would be hosted remotely and accessed from the net. This is 'The Cloud'. It means we won't have the problem of backing up data, but at the same time, we lose control to the 'hoster' This sort of imposed change with the way photographs are displayed on the blog indicates that quite well.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. 'Cloud Computing' saves you worrying about backup or having sufficient local storage, but it does leave you at the mercy of the hoster as to how your data is treated.


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