Sunday, 2 October 2011

Acton Bridge Steam Up

The Leigh Arms at Acton Bridge, on the River Weaver, held their annual 'Steam Up' this weekend. Tony and I bimbled our way there through the Cheshire lanes on our Suzuki Freewind motorcycles. The blazing hot weather of this Indian summer had today given way to cloud and just the occasional drop of rain; far more pleasant conditions for motorcycling than were the temperatures in the high twenties of the last week or so.

There's no end of polishing to be done if you own a steam engine

Delightful milk float powered by a vertically-boilered twin cylinder steam engine

There were quite a few 'miniatures' there, including this fine showman's engine

The polishing goes on.... and on...! The swing bridge over the Weaver Navigation can be seen behind the engines.

Traditional Gypsy caravans

A superb Burrell traction engine with its living van beyond

Tony surveys the scene

Not all the 'miniatures' were traction engines. Here is a fine model steam lorry.

Me, surrounded by 'miniatures'.


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