Saturday, 18 September 2010

Two old Trumpets

I went out yesterday afternoon with the guy I bought my Bonneville from on a ride around the local lanes; Northwich to look for a replacement helmet he was after. But then Plumley, Peover (pronounced Peever), and many other delightful Cheshire villages low-lit and long shadowed in the autumn sunshine. A lovely biking day (so good, I'd already been out on the Bonnie that morning!).

He was on a Triumph T150V Trident, me on my Triumph Bonneville, and for a while we swapped bikes. They are only a hand full of years apart, my T140D and his T150V, but sooo different in character. Apart from the right foot gear change (which I found no problem) the ride technique and the start procedure are not dissimilar to my T140D.

My Bonnie handles better, but the Trident is so much smoother and sounds sublime. It just wants to go! The Bonnie sounds good, but its delightful 'Gipsy Major' isn't quite up there with the 'Vendeneyev' of the T150.

Here are the two Triumphs ('Trumpets') at the Whipping Stocks, Lower Peover: T150V on the left, T140D on the right. Must get a black and silver number plate for mine. That yellow one just doesn't suit the bike.

The T150V Trident on the left, T140D Bonneville on the right, at the Whipping Stocks Inn, Lower Peover

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