Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Knutsford Great Race 2010

It only happens every ten years. The Knutsford Great Race was first run in 1980 between 18 'Ordinaries' (Penny Farthing bicycles or 'High Wheelers'). I first attended in 1990 when the event was around Knutsford Heath. In 2000 it absolutely poured down all day, so I didn't go. But today I attended the 2010 event on a course around The Moor at Knutsford. There were 86 entries, mostly 'Ordinaries', but also a race for Hobby Horses (which you sit on and scoot along with your feet), and one for Boneshakers (Hobby Horses with crank and pedals attached to the front wheel).

An 'Ordinary' on the back straight of the track at The Moor

In the spirit of the event, I cycled to Knutsford from home this morning, arriving at The Moor about 11:00. I met Merlin Evans, an ex-work colleague from our fun days at Systems Programming Ltd decades ago, who is a keen cyclist who has ridden many epic rides on his Ordinary. He would be competing today and after a chat I left him in the scrutineering queue with his Singer.

It was already quite busy, helped no doubt by the pleasant weather, and it soon started to get busier. The Mereside Brass Band struck up, and I wandered over to look at the vintage car display.

I soon met more folk I knew and I wonder if we will all be able to meet up again in 2020.

Here are some pictures of the event:
Spectators relax on Knutsford Moor

The giant Airbus A380 inbound from Dubai flies over Knutsford Church on approach to Manchester on only its 5th day of service on this route.

Merlin Evans (left) and friend on a practice lap

A competitor rounds the top corner of the course

Merlin leads a gaggle up the hill

Later in the afternoon the sunshine vanished as cloud moved in over Italianate Knutsford

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