Monday, 4 June 2018

Hot box!

It was a hot day in the signal box at lovely Consall yesterday. I had the windows slid open and the door open so the bit of breeze that was about helped keep it bearable.
I'm not sure why but though we started the timetable on time, we gradually got further and further behind with the train timing. Not really a problem for our passengers as there were plenty of trains running, but it did mean the last two trains ran after the end of the timetable and we finished about an hour late.
No cider for a working signalman, of course ;-(
Here are some great pictures by Dave Gibson

 Gronk pulls out of Froghall. With 4 Mk1s on, this wasn't a sparkling performer. The driver asked me to ensure I didn't bring it to a halt on the incline at Consall down home signal (normally only pulled off once the train appears on my track circuit), so I pulled that signal off early for him. "We've got 350 horses under the bonnet" he explained "but 327 of them have escaped".

Gronk at the new platform at Leekbrook Junction 

 No.6 pilots the Polski Tank into Froghall

Not for me (the BBQ I mean) - I ate my sandwiches in Consall ,box! 

 Consall, my box on the left, Station Master Howard standing on the foot crossing, me just visible in white shirt by the 33 on the right doing the token exchange

 I watch from the steps of my box as the double-headed up train pulls out of Consall for Froghall

 Another view of the 33s on the up train just leaving Consall loop

 An as-yet unpainted ghostly 33 runs into Consall

 33 on the main line at Consall, Polski Tank on Cosall loop, Black Lion pub, and a narrow boat on the Cauldon Canal

The painting of the Consall Coach continues....


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