Sunday, 25 March 2018

Spring has finally arrived at Urmston!

A lovely day at Urmston today driving The Wildfowler. The sun shone, the local families were enjoying the park and also their rides on our railway.

Lots of steam locos running today, and lots of passengers to fill our trains.

Master-of-the-camera Jason wasn't there, so in place of his illustrations I've included here a couple of still frames from a video of The Wildfowler running at Urmston last summer.

There's a lovely bark from The Wildfowler's chimney as she effortlessly hauls her trains of happy families along the track, with her characteristic bouncy rolling motion due her soft springing.

What could be better? The steady staccato bark of a steam loco, Sunlight dappled steam drifting back from the chimney top, the clickety click of the carriage wheels on the track as we roll along the back straight of the Abbotsfield track, and just a feather of white at the safety valves showing the loco has full pressure - but not too much.

A great way to spend a delightful spring Sunday!


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