Monday, 16 October 2017

'The Wildfowler' passenger hauling at Urmston yesterday

It's been a few weeks since 'The Wildfowler' had an outing, so with Sunday's fine weather forecast it seemed only right to take him to Urmston track for a spot of passenger hauling.

Lovely Manchester Ship Canal locomotive built by Don 

Don used to work for the Ship Canal, and has written an excellent book on the Railways of the Manchester Ship Canal  

Proud owner / builder 

'The Wildfowler' during lighting up

Last Wednesday Professor Ian Morison (with the mug of tea in the picture) from Jodrell Bank gave a talk on that radio telescope to our Probus group. I know Ian from attending his astronomy lectures at Wilmslow Guild some years ago and last saw him at Rudyard Lake Steam Railway. I had a chat to him before his talk on Wednesday and it transpired he is about to take delivery of a live steam 5" gauge 'Alice' locomotive.

He was unsure where to run it, so I mentioned Urmston which he had not heard of. I was delighted therefore when I arrived at the club yesterday to see Ian there. He is impressed with the club and its facilities and is going to join and run his loco here.

'The Wildfowler' in the queue to pick up passengers at the station 

Stuart on Dave's Venezuelan Beyer Peacock tank loco. This was the loco I passed my 'driving test' on at Urmston and it was good to see it back in steam after an extended absence.  

A 'Sweet Pea' generates an interest in steam among a couple of young onlookers  

Aaron on Trevor's Polly tank loco 

The fine weather brought out plenty of customers for train rides 

Bit of a stretch over the tenders of these big express engines! 

Keith and Don take Don's MSC loco for a spin round the inner track 

More young enthusiasts, this time admiring Dave's Venezuelan tank loco, driven by Stuart


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