Tuesday, 30 May 2017

'Alfred' on the big track at Urmston; and 'Warspite' will soon be here!

Super day at Urmston yesterday. I took 'Alfred' for the first time in a couple of months and ran him around the 'big track' all day.
Quite a challenge to keep him running on that much longer track, taking into account the gradients and the distance, and his small firebox and small capacity boiler. But it's a real test of 'engine driving' and satisfying to do. It's so much easier to do this with the big engines!
Every time one opened the firebox door to put coal on, or used an injector to get more water into the boiler, it had an adverse effect on boiler pressure. Keeping all the balls in the air was a real juggling act requiring planning and care. But very satisfying.
Several of the club's more experienced drivers thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of driving him today. It was great! I even did one circuit with a mug of tea on his tender water tank, drinking as I drove!

Whither 'Warspite'?
First Silvercrest production Jubilee on test

My five inch gauge LMS Jubilee 'Warspite' is scheduled for delivery to me at the end of July. The first production models have arrived in UK from China, where they are made, and according to project engineer Mike Pavey is a beautiful model and a first class performer. As the models arrive they will be checked by Mike, run on compressed air, and the safety valves set.

Delivery is about six weeks later than expected, but some of the delay is because of the inclusion of extra detail such as dummy vacuum pipes, oilers, and sanders requireing new patterns for the lost wax castings.

Here is a video (click on the link below) showing preparation of the first model for running, and disposal afterwards:

Meanwhile I've been getting used to driving a nearly-Jubilee-sized Stanier locomotive at Urmston.....

Having fun on Dave's Black Five 


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