Sunday, 22 January 2017

Alfred's first run of 2017

We had a bit of snow at Urmston today, but it soon turned to intermittent rain. I'd decided to take 'Alfred' for a run, and apart from the cold temperatures causing visibility problems with steam as described in 19th December post, we had a great day!

Superb pictures by Jason Lau as usual. Please click on any picture for a larger image.

 'Alfred' with Keith's 'Polly' tank on the arrivals track this morning

Malc and me with 'Alfred on the prep bay

First job I had to do was refit the steam pressure gauge, It goes next to the oiler sight glasses where that clean patch is on the cab front wall, and its steam pipe can be seen curving round the top of where the gauge fits, with the connecting union pointing upwards ready to be attached to the gauge. Pressure gauges are irreparably damaged by frost, so I removed it to store it in the house where it will be snug and warm. It will be removed again after today's running.

 This Stanier 2-6-4 tank was purchased at Poynton rail memorabilia auction last year by a new member of the club. Its condition for running is uncertain, and it has no boiler certificate, but I understand he got it for a good price.

 Billowing smoke as the 'lighting up' fire of paraffin soaked charcoal gets going before coal is added

 Note the compressed air blower in the chimney to draw the fire until we have steam pressure and can use the loco's internal steam blower instead. The copper pipe is curved round 180 degrees at the end so it sends a jet of air up the chimney.


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