Friday, 22 April 2016

Appalling behavior, self-interested and anti-safety, by quango UK regulatory authority

You might have noticed that some airshows (Barton, for one) you enjoyed in 2015 will not be happening this year, or any other probably. This is because the UK regulatory authority, The Civil Aviation Authority, have reacted to the tragedy at Shoreham Air Show last year in a most odd way. 

Or perhaps not so odd for those of us used to the ways of the CAA. Read Lauren Richardson's piece to see that the CAA are a self-interested non-elected quango. Self interested in that their reaction to the Shoreham tragedy is to massively increase their already outrageous charges, while at the same time killing off many airshows while making those that remain less safe than they were.

Lauren says it all, from an insider's viewpoint, better than I can:

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