Sunday, 7 February 2016

Back at Urmston today after three missed Sundays

We've missed three consecutive Sundays at Urmston & District Model Engineers' track, two because the weather was awful, and one because I attended the annual lunch of a walking club. But today the sun shone (until mid afternoon, when there were showers) and I took Alfred out for a run.

All pictures by and copyright of Jason Lau. Please click on any one for a larger image.

Alfred on his usual prep bay this morning

Billy with his 5" gauge 'Polly' tank engine 

Evidence of recent very wet weather

The fine weather brings out the crowds for train rides

 How many people can you fit in a Southern 'Atlantic' tender?

The 4-4-0' s owner / driver

A couple of visitors from North Leicestershire want to know a bit about Alfred   

Wave to the camera

Malc wasn't with me today and probably won't be for a few weeks as last Tuesday he underwent a hip replacement operation. He has made a compressed air operated blower for use in lighting up Alfred (all the prep bays have air and water on tap) and today I tried it for the first time. It worked a treat! It replaces the electric blower and battery we have been using to date and saves carting that heavy car battery around with us.

Alfred ran well today for over three hours continuously. There's still a problem with the right hand injector, though. I'll have another look at that clack valve.

Let's hope it's not too long before Malc is back at the controls of Alfred.


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