Sunday, 13 December 2015

No steam today, but a lovely lunch enjoyed.... and a buffet missed

Chris and I enjoyed a superb lunch today at the Edge Hotel, Alderley Edge.

The weather was not good for running steam locomotives, but today was Urmston Model Engineer's Christmas lunch. Jason Lau took some pictures, though, and I hope to attend next year's event.

A bit of excess water in the cuttings after the days of rain we've had. Note the dual gauge track; 3.5 inch and 5 inch. Alfred runs on the 3.5 inch gauge lines.

Because of the poor weather and (probably) the buffet in the club house only two steam locomotives were there today. Keith, with 'The Beast', and Dave with his Beyer Peacock tank loco, both of which Malc and I have driven. Here they are being prepared on the prep bays. 

We have passengers to haul before the steam locos are ready, so the club has a diesel outline electric powered locomotive to work the first trains of the day 

Two members enjoying the lunch. Eddie, on the left, is an ex BR steam driver and a fellow member of the Manchester Locomotive Society with myself and Malc. Eddie owns a lovely 5 inch gauge Midland Compound 4-4-0 locomotive, and a green Black Five with BRITISH RAILWAYS in capitals on the tender sides! I thought that an oxymoron when I saw it (Black Fives are always black), but in 1948 BR apparently painted three Black Fives in various pre-nationalisation shades of green (GWR green, SR green, and LNER green) before deciding they should all be black after all. Eddie drove the LNER green one which was shedded at Edgeley (Stockport), so that's the one he modelled when he retired.

Good spread!

Members enjoy the buffet 

It looks as though the club house was quite full!


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