Saturday, 25 April 2015

RLSR Diesel Gala

Is it an oxymoron for the Rudyard Lake STEAM Railway to hold a Diesel Gala? Perhaps it is, but this weekend we are doing it anyway, and it's great fun.

It wasn't all diesel. Steam loco 'Victoria' joined in as well as did 'Merlin' for a while. Here, resident diesel hydraulic 'Glen Aludin', steam loco 'Victoria', and visitor single-cylinder Petter diesel-powered 'Belle' are prepared this morning.

Residents 'Rudyard lady' and 'Ferret' ready for traffic 

Rightly proud owner Gordon polishes Belle's bell this morning 

 'Belle' was built in the early 1950s and worked on a pig farm at Shillingstone, Dorset, for many years. She was then left derelict in a quarry in Cornwall before being rescued and rebuilt by the founder of the RLSR, Peter Hanton. She was sold to her present owner by Peter when he sold the RLSR to its present owners, so has a history with our railway.

Scott, Alan, and Dave with 'Rudyard Lady' at Lakeside today 

Peter and Simon at Hunthouse Wood

Here's a video of 'Belle' driven by her owner arriving at Rudyard today:

'Belle' arrives at Rudyard

Another video:

Video by Ian Burgess, mostly 'Belle' but other diesels as well from the weekend

On the Sunday of the gala, ex-Isle of Mull Railway locomotive 'Victoria' at Hunthouse Wood with Ian, her driver



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