Friday, 8 November 2013

It's ten years since Concorde last flew

Last Friday, 1st November, in celebration of ten years of Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester Airport, a Gala Dinner was held beneath the wings of the beautiful white bird.

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Guests under Concorde G-BOAC at the Gala Dinner

Over 250 people attended the Gala, hosted by TAS (The Aviation Society) who run the Concorde tours and employ us Concorde guides. Guest of honour was former Concorde Chief Pilot at British Airways, Mike Bannister. We also enjoyed some superb classical singing from special guest, Jenny Williams.

Tables set out in the Runway Visitor Park Concorde hangar

Education Guide Linda and her husband study the pictures of 75 years of Manchester Airport. I'm in the background pointing something out to Chris.

Concorde G-BOAC was open for visitors to have a look around, and very popular she was, too

Guests mingle early in the evening under that famous nose

I wonder if they know what they are looking at? AC's number one engine with the cowlings opened, one of four Rolls Royce Olympus 593 re-heated turbojets fitted to the aeroplane.

TAS Chairman and former Manchester Airport Airfield Manager Peter Hampson opens the evening

Guests enjoy a superb three course meal under Concorde

Chris and I enjoying our evening

Operatic classics from the incomparable Jenny Williams. She opened with British Airways' theme song - The Flower Duet from Lakm√©.

Chief pilot, Concorde; Mike Bannister sings for his supper, giving an excellent presentation about the world's only successful supersonic airliner

Mike didn't steer clear of the Paris crash and the short-lived return to service

What better location to celebrate ten years of Concorde at Manchester?

Peter Hampson and Mike Bannister with a painting I have a copy of on the wall at home; AC arriving at Manchester on 31st October 2003. I got mine signed around the border by many Concorde flight crews at a Concorde reunion dinner we held some years ago.


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