Saturday, 2 February 2013

C90 out and about again. And a blast on the Bonnie!

After over six weeks in various stages of dismantlement in the garage, I started the C90 yesterday and took it for a tentative run up and down the road in the rain. Today, a glorious one of bright low sun and blue-sky, I took her on a thorough test.

 After today's test; the C90 and the T140D Bonneville, which also got a run today

Yesterday morning I helped Malcolm weld up the main stand and repair its 'C' piece in his garage. In the afternoon I got the bike on its side again in the driveway, resting on an old milk crate covered with a sheet of corrugated cardboard and a folded blanket, the position I'd used to replace the engine cover while locating the clutch release components, and also for cutting out the stand yesterday. Malcolm drilled and tapped the brake pedal stop, and we re-fitted the stand and the modified new stand pin. Then the bike was put back on the bike lift in the garage while we fitted the exhaust and battery, and put some 10/30 oil into the engine. Off the lift again and outside (where it had started to rain - thank heavens it stayed dry for the earlier work), it was the moment of truth - would it start!

I kicked it over a few times to circulate the engine oil, turned on the ignition, and kicked again. There was no sign of the clutch slip that had been there before we started this work, but there no sign of life in the bike either..... Until the third kick with about half choke - when she fired! And ticked over evenly if a little rattly until the hydraulic tensioner on the cam chain got re-filled with oil and started to do its job. We revved her for a while, check for oil leaks (none!), and let her settle to a sewing-machine-like tick over.

I cocked my leg over the little bike, settled in the seat, snicked the gear pedal into first, and gave the throttle a gentle twist. The new clutch took up the drive automatically as its centrifugal engagement mechanism operated exactly as it should. Out of the drive, into the road. Up to second gear, then third. back down to first again. Everything worked perfectly! Malc had a go, and declared the bike absolutely fine.

We were quite wet by then, and the light was failing, so we called it a day. A very good day!

The entire fleet take the air; Bonnie, C90, and Suzuki XF 650 Freewind

This morning we took the bike for a proper test. I'd left the leg shields off so I could check for oil leaks, kicked her into life (she started second kick) and set off for Malc's, then both on C90s we rode round to Ivan's house where he fired up his sporty Honda 50. The three Hondas did the 'Test Circuit'; To Alderley, up the Edge to The Wizard where we stopped to check my bike - all was fine. Then down Artist's Lane to the A34, and home via the Alderley bypass. We did two laps of the bypass (I did three) some of which I rode with the back brake on to give her 'a bit of work to do' (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

Back at Ivan's I gave her a good look over and all was well, so when I got home I fitted the leg shields back on and had another short ride before firing up the mighty Bonneville to give that its first 2013 blast.

So, job done, just the final drive chain to take a look at and lubricate if necessary. No more clutch slip, no more backfiring on the over-run, more power, easier starting, and a more solid main stand that will not wear out. She's now the bike she always should have been, and I look forward to many adventures on her in 2013!

Update 8th February 2013

Yesterday the chain was adjusted and lubricated... and today a basket was added to the front end! So useful for those bits and bobs one sometimes needs to cart about!


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