Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Styal Mill update

Quite a lot has been happening at Quarry Bank, Styal recently. There is a project in the offing called 'Revolution and Revelation' (R&R) which will bring big changes to the way Quarry Bank is presented to the public, and the National Trust have a lottery grant application lodged to help finance it. Actually, it will go ahead anyway but without lottery funding will take about ten years to implement rather than the planned five years.

As part of the R&R initiative Quarry Bank decided to train some staff and volunteers in 'media relations' so they can be put foreword to explain R&R to the television, radio, and print media if a representative of the Mill is requested. I've done a bit with local radio for the Runway Visitor Park, and a TV interview for a celebration of flight at Formby, and perhaps it was this experience that secured me a place on the training day, one of three volunteers chosen, and had a great day a few weeks ago undergoing 'media training'.

This morning we did a 'photo shoot' for the R&R publicity to re-create some photographs from the Quarry Bank archives and I was asked to participate. Here's the photo we were re-creating:

Styal Mill overseers, outside what
is today the ticket office
 Today's depiction of the Styal Overseers,
in the same location as the original
I represented the chap on the left, standing.
The other major news from Quarry bank is that Nether Alderley Mill should open to the public in March (see the relevant entry in this blog at ). I will be a volunteer guide there and will soon be undergoing training for that role.


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