Saturday, 6 October 2012

Acton Bridge steam-up 2012

This event is on today and tomorrow at the Leigh Arms, Acton Bridge near Northwich. I rode there on the Freewind today in dry and sunny autumn weather.

My first port of call after locking up the bike was to go across the road and down to the Weaver Navigation to see the visiting steam tug 'Kerne'.

She's based in Liverpool and has been coming to this event for about 40 years

A diagram of the boiler; firebed below, combustion chamber at the RH end, tubes above, then up the flue to the 17' tall chimney

The twin firedoors of her Admiralty boiler. It's a bit claustrophobic down in the coal hole here where the boiler is stoked.

She has a propeller nearly 8 feet in diameter and draws 11 feet

The 3-cylinder triple expansion compound steam engine. Steam is delivered to the HP cylinder at 180psi, and there's a condenser in the bilge to provide still more power.

The wheelhouse

She was built in Motherwell, Scotland in 1913 before entering Admiralty service at Chatham Dockyard until 1948, whereupon she was sold into private ownership

Engines fill the pub car park

Mike poses with his beloved Rosetta

Rosetta's owner, Julian with the glass. To Julian's left, the proud owner (and builder) of the 1/3 scale 'minature' engine they are leaning on is Clive; it took him a mere 15 years to complete during which time he also acquired a wife and 2 children!

My pint (or what remains of it) on the forks of a handy roller

My steed tied up to the railings

Beer, coal smoke, and steam! Ah!

The steersman's view from Rosetta's footplate

I really think Mike should get one of these of his own!

Click on this for a typical soundbite of this afternoon...


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