Thursday, 26 July 2012

'Alycidon' spotted today from 'Planet'.....

 Me and the fireman both looking back to our train as I drive 'Planet' at MoSI

I was firing our replica 1830 Robert Stevenson 'Planet' locomotive (seen above) at Manchester Museum of Science & Industry (MoSI) today when, while we were at the 'Salford' end of the line, this rare beast hove into view....

 D9009 Deltic locomotive 'Alycidon'

'Deltic' locomotive 'Alycidon' heading for Manchester Victoria (and on to the East Lancashire Railway). D9009 was returning light-engine to ELR after heading a Kings Cross - Edinburgh special yesterday.

These locos have a very distinctive sound from their two 18 cylinder high speed 2-stroke Deltic engines of unique configuration (total power 3,300hp); a sort of 'thrumming howl'. She gave us a lively toot on the air horns, we of course responded with energetic whistling!

Here's an animation of the Deltic engine with its 3 geared crankshafts, courtesy of Wikipedia:


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