Sunday, 25 March 2012

First 'gapper' ride out

It was a lovely day today, so this morning I went walking with the Alderley Edge, Wilmslow & District Footpath Preservation Society (of which I am Secretary) near Lyme park. This afternoon, I returned to the Peak District hills but this time on my C90 'Gapper' (or step through) in company with Malc and Tony on their Yamaha Townmate 'Gappers'. We headed out through Alderley and Macclesfield up the Cat & Fiddle road to the pub of that name, a popular Sunday rendezvous for bikers. I had to change down from top gear (3rd) to 2nd occasionally, but the trusty C90 lifted me steadily up the twisty 'Cat' until we arrived at the pub.

 The Cat & Fiddle (between Macclesfield and Buxton, in the Peak). Malc's and Tony's blue Townmates on left, my C90 between them and the Aprillia.

Malc on left, Tony on right, gappers parked behind. No, we did not drink any of those beers! The glasses were already on the table. Malc brought a flask of coffee, though.

From here we continued to the minor road over Axe Edge Moor, then onto the Buxton - Leek road to The Roaches, where we turned right to the car park by Titesworth Reservoir which was a popular spot on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

My C90 and Tony and Malc's Townmates at Tittesworth Visitor Centre

The route from Tittesworth was via Meerbrook, Rushton Spencer, Fool's Nook, and Gawesworth to home. Pottering along on these low powered and quiet machines through beautiful countryside is an excellent way to spend a superb Sunday afternoon.


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