Friday, 6 January 2012

Not the best way to end the old year..... or start the new.

My lovely sister, Elaine, three years younger than me, has been unwell for a long time. She died about mid day on Christmas day, and today... we buried her. Requiem mass at St Monica's Catholic Church in Stockton Heath, interment at Fox Covert cemetery, and a wake at the nearby Park Royal hotel.

One week later, Fox Covert Cemetery in front of the wing of our Chipmunk as I fly over. Elaine's grave is in the newly-dug area of sandy soil near the boundary hedge furthest from the camera.

After landing I drove to the cemetery to see the grave. It looks bleak now, but when the gravestone and landscaping are complete it will be a place worthy of Elaine's memory.



  1. Louise Cresswell nee Riley20 April 2012 at 21:59

    I was in Elaine's year at Loreto Bowdon- what a lovely girl..a good friend and great fun.. Lots of happy memories....too young,too soon.

    1. Nice to hear such lovely thoughts about Elaine (Ollie)

  2. Louise, she was an amazing person. Thank you for your comment.

    Far too young, far too soon indeed.