Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lunch on't cut

Younger daughter Helen gave me a lovely Father's Day present - a voucher for two for a lunch cruise from Bollington on the Macclesfield Canal. These cruises are popular and one has to book ahead, but today our turn came around, and the weather couldn't have been better!

As ever, please click twice on pictures to bring them up to full size.

Chris enjoying a glass of wine at White Nancy Cruisers, Bollington. Our boat, the 'White Nancy', is moored alongside.

Passing Clarence Mill in Bollington

Bill, our skipper, and his mate get us underway along the Macclesfield Canal towards Poynton. The White Nancy monument above Bollington, after which our boat is named, can just be seen on the shoulder of the hill in the background, to the left of where the trees finish.

A look inside the boat. It can accommodate up to twelve dining customers at tables for four. The food (and wine!) is lovely

There are some rather nice canal-side properties between Bollington and Poynton. This one even has two helicopters!

The Macclesfield Canal must be one of the most scenic. And on a day like today it was looking its best.

Ours was not the only narrow boat out enjoying the day

During the cruise up to Poynton we were served a 'sharing starter' course for two, and a glass of wine each. We opted to extend this to a full lunch by pre-ordering a main course each and a bottle of wine - and it was all quite excellent.

This Heron was busy finding his own lunch!

The boat turned around at Poynton and headed back down to Bollington. Here, the entire crew come out onto the stern to enjoy the sunshine .

Chris and me also enjoy a few rays!

Approaching Bollington our boat's namesake,
White Nancy, comes into view on the hilltop

Here's a closer view

Here we are back at Bollington about three and half hours after we left.

Many thanks to Helen for a lovely afternoon on't cut!

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