Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Press launch (not) of Agecroft No.1

I wonder who this is, climbing up to the 'P1' side of Agecroft?

Tonight the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry (MoSI) held the annual barbecue for staff and volunteers. It was also going to be the press release of our recenty rebuilt (virtually from scrap, and by museum volunteers) 1948 Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 0-4-0 saddle tank 'Agecroft No.1', but the Museum decided to await Agecroft's full and final paint job before holding the press launch.

Pity. They could surely have had the press launch tonight, then once Agecroft is painted have a further launch of the engine in her new colours. Operators of big main line engines have been doing that for decades!

The late evening sun catches Agecroft's nameplate

'Carry on clagging'. Agecroft fills the Castlefield area of Manchester with the evocative smell of coal smoke

Former MoSI Museum Director, and now Director of the National Railway Museum at York, Steve Davies MBE on Agecroft's footplate. Rumour has it that Steve used to drive this engine at Agecroft power station when he was a lad, so he is re-acquainting himself with an old friend. MoSI Railway Officer Matthew Jackson in his '1948' gear is standing by the cab.

MoSI railway train guard and former BR footplateman Adrian Bailey and his wife enjoy a drink at the barbecue. Steve Davies is socialising in the background.

Agecroft simmers in the evening light

The golden rays of the setting sun bring the evening to a close

(All photographs taken on my phone, so not particularly good quality)


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