Thursday, 3 March 2011

Praise indeed!

Here is an entry from the 'Heritage Concorde' site about our Concorde at Manchester


Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester, something very rare!

Following my latest visit to Manchester yesterday, the latest news is that Manchester has the best Concorde exhibit on display in the UK, and possibly the world!

G-BOAC on display at Manchester

If you would like to visit a Concorde within the UK, then head for Manchester. Concorde G-BOAC, the flagship of the BA Concorde fleet, is now located inside a wonderful hangar, at what can only be called the Flagship Concorde museum of the world.

There are many Concordes on public display, but this one should really be number one on your hit list. The staff are both well informed and very helpful, G-BOAC itself looks ready to take-off and still has the feel of a in-service Concorde. There is not a single spot of dust or mould anywhere to be found within the aircraft, and that’s a credit to the staff at Manchester, and very rare among the Concorde exhibits that I have visited.

Since the closure of “Concorde at Filton” last year, Manchester has the only British Airways Concorde on display that was in passenger service during 2003, the last year of Concorde operations.

Want to see a Concorde looking the way she did during 2003 at Heathrow? Then head to Manchester and see something very rare!

The link below will take you to their website, I recommend the “Concorde Technical Tour”

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