Friday, 28 January 2011

Wrexham, Shropshire, & Marylebone Railway folds.

The UK rail company with the best customer care ethic has failed. Wrexham & Shropshire ran a superb service between Wrexham and Marylebone. They were not a franchisee, but an 'open access' operator backed by German Railways (DBS).

I used it a few times between London and Shrewsbury, and their First Class was equivalent to charter train fine dining - quite exceptional on-board service and food quality. Chris and I returned from London on it after Claire's graduation last summer and enjoyed, in First Class, an excellent 3-course lunch and a nice bottle of wine. As we dined, the Chilterns and Oxfordshire slipped past the big picture windows of our superbly upholstered Mk 111 coach.

The last train leaves Marylebone at 18:30 tonight, for Wrexham. I'm told ALL the WSMR staff are aboard! I bet the wine will be flowing in First and Standard class, and that there's a real party atmosphere on board. WSMR were like that.

Not the fastest way to get from the Capital to Cheshire, but by far the most pleasurable.


Here's a link to a tribute to WSMR on Charlie Hulme's excellent North Wales railway site:,htm

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