Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rock Radio interview

I went down to the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester this morning to meet Steve Berry of Manchester's Rock Radio, and Rachel, his producer. They wanted to record a piece about our Nimrod for Steve's breakfast show (6 to 10am daily) to be broadcast either Friday 12th November or Monday 22nd. Steve is into motorcycles as well. He used to appear on BBC TV's 'Top Gear' years ago, when they occasionally had a Bike spot. I remember his advice on transporting a family.... "a Ducati and three bus passes"!

Rachel had a hand-held microphone linked to a pocket disc recorder, and once we were on the flight deck and Rachel was recording, Steve just launched into a 'conversation' with me. I've done a few radio interviews before (and the odd TV one as well!) but even so Steve, ever the consummate professional, made it easy for me to deliver what the station wanted in what I hope was a relaxed and informative manner.

We moved down to the back to talk about the Nimrod's missions, and then a quick trip outside to give the listeners an impression of this big, brooding aeroplane bristling with aerials.

Of course from the Visitor Park's viewpoint it's all good publicity! There will almost certainly be some editing before the piece is broadcast, but let's hope they retain the details of how to book on a Nimrod tour or purchase a gift voucher - they make a great Christmas present!

UPDATE! Interview broadcast this morning, 22nd November 2010.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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