Saturday, 2 October 2010

We run the first Nimrod tours at the RVP

Nimrod XV231 arriving at Manchester earlier this year

Ex-RAF Nimrod XV231's flight deck

Today was 'M Festival', the families day for Manchester Airport employees. It was held at the Runway Visitor Park (RVP) this afternoon. Employees and families were bussed by airport bendy-bus into the RVP to enjoy a range of activities under Concorde.

M-Festival activities in the Concorde hangar

Tickets were available for attendees to enjoy a tour of our ex-RAF Nimrod. Fellow guide Ross and I conducted the tours, the first ever on this Maritime Reconnaissance aeroplane, which still has most of its service equipment on board. The tours lasted fifteen minutes (so just a quick overview) and we ran them every twenty minutes. They proved to be very popular; a great success!

Public tours are currently planned to start in November, and as well as these 'overview' tours, we plan to present a longer, more detailed look at this fascinating aeroplane.

Nav and Tactical Nav positions in Nimrod

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